Status: In Revision with Stark Contrast Editing

After he is the last person to see his one night stand alive, troubled JR finds himself at the center of a murder investigation on his college campus.

JR is a collector of sorts: he collects the color of memories. When he meets Riley the night of her death at a party, he cannot help being drawn to her blue. The next morning, she's found dead, and he can't remember what happened. He must ask himself if he has finally taken his collecting too far.

He can't go to the police, not while he's hiding his AWOL brother in his apartment. He's also been forgetting things, losing hours at a time to blackouts. He forgot he had a class with Riley, and he disappeared from it the day her body was found. When a sketch of his face associated with the investigation appears in the local newspaper, even his brother, the one he's always depended on for support, begins to doubt JR's innocence as well.

JR needs to find answers about that night before the police do and before something terrible happens again, because he's found a new girl to collect, one with an even more enticing color.

Status: Writing first draft 

During the summer of '92 in rural Virginia, a boy and his best friend spy on their eccentric new neighbor who buys the abandoned house at the end of their street.

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