Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Chapter 15 - Revision: Complete

Oh hey there. I'm back.

So I'm done with the revision to the WIP.

Kind of shell shocked about it right now.

At first I was like:

And then I did some:

 And then I was like: 

People were like, "How's the book?" and I was like:

Because I hoped it was like:

Everybody kept asking me about it and I was like:

Then I finished it and I was like:

But then reality set in:

And I realized now people will read it:

And I'm stressed about that because what if they're like:

So now I'm back to:

And done:

Okay, enough silliness. Here's some stats: 

First draft
 ~68,000 words
Started October 2011
Finished October 2012
13 chapters 
Working title: Thicker Than Water 

Second draft 
83,000 words (370 pages)
Started December 20th 2012
Finished March 5th 2013
14 chapters 
Working title: Momentum 

That's all I've got right now. Going to go wash my brain and hang it out to dry.