Boo, NG

This is Boo--my Needy Greyhound, my child, my constant worry.

In November 2011, I became the proud owner (and parent) of Boo Radley, my little greyhound.  She's a retired racer, loves waking me up at 6 am, and sleeps with her eyes open.

She is also famously unphotogenic and can contort herself into some impressive sleeping positions:

 While at the same time being incredibly adorable. It's some sort of greyhound witchcraft: 

She likes to take my things and pile them with all of her toys: 

And she's just generally strange and awkward. Like me! 

Her sweater game is on point: 

As you can see, she spends the majority of her time sleeping. On the couch, on my bed, but most of all, on top of me when I'm writing. If I'm working, chances are that she's nearby. 

She drives me nuts, but I love her. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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